Take The Challenge
Take The Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy Northumberland?
1. Save travel time and costs.
2. Help create and support local jobs.
3. 88% of business contribute/sponsor community charities, sports teams, festivals, arts and schools!
4. Reduce your environmental footprint by shopping locally.
5. Our local businesses are part of the distinctive character of our community.
6. Support student employment…32% of local businesses hire students.
7. 43% of businesses buy more than half of their supplies and services locally.

Q: How do I sign up/‘Take the Challenge’?
A: You can pledge to Take the Challenge either directly on our website or in person at one of the over 400 participating businesses across the county.

Q: How long is the campaign running for?
A: Phase I of the campaign will run from July 2015 – September 2016. Phase II will begin in September 2016.

Q: What do I do with my paper Take the Challenge card after it is filled out?
A: Once completed, you can drop off your card to your Chamber of Commerce, the Business advisory Centre in Cobourg, Cobourg DBIA, Port Hope HBIA, or the economic development offices in Cobourg, Trent Hills and Port Hope.

Q: I am a business owner participating in the campaign, what do I do with completed cards that are returned/completed at my business location?
A: Once you have collected 10+ completed cards contact your DBIA/HBIA, Business Advisory Centre (Cobourg), or local Chamber of Commerce and a representative will collect the cards from you.