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We all know that the world economy is in shambles and the impact is being felt right here at home. So, a local committee comprised of media, local government and local business groups has been meeting to discuss ways of bolstering retailer and consumer morale.
Committee member Dave Hughes of Pineridge Broascasting said, “Although we can’t do much to affect the worldwide economic downturn, we can help our local retailers and consumers, work through this tough time”.
Hughes adds, “We can choose to be negative or we can look at the positive coming out of the current situation and frankly we have chosen the positive route”. All local media outlets are represented on the committee.
“We want to focus on the entrepreneurial spirit that is alive and well and frankly prospering in Northumberland County”, Hughes added.
The committee has organized and hosted several public events that featured keynote speakers who focus on winning in today’s retail world.
It is extremely rewarding that the local media have banded together in this effort. As well, the support of area Chambers of Commerce, area municipalities and local BIA’s has been overwhelming.
For more information please contact Dave Hughes at 905-372-4501 ext. 227